The Thomas Goode & Co. Story

Thomas Goode & Co. has long been recognised as the home of the world’s finest china, silverware and glass, it is a byword for luxury and exquisite craftsmanship.

The Thomas Goode showrooms are today, just as they always have been, a space that speaks of timeless British values and pedigree.

The business was transformed in the mid nineteenth century into London’s foremost tableware emporium by Thomas Goode’s son, the enterprising William Goode, who travelled the world not just in search of the finest porcelain and bone china designs, but also providing a uniquely personal service to Europe’s great families; in the process endowing the business with a calibre of clientèle that endures to this day.

Thomas Goode is proud to have been granted Royal Warrants by both Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and HRH The Prince of Wales, and this continues an honour that was first bestowed on the business as far back as 1863.

The Thomas Goode archive is a particular jewel in the business’s crown and spans the entirety of almost two centuries of luxury trade in the city. The design archive alone comprises a important resource of historic and contemporary patterns that are both educationally and commercially significant. The archive is also home to a fascinating collection of documents and records; not least the travel diaries of William Goode recording his grand tours through Eastern Europe and Russia, and the porcelain houses he also explored along the way. There is a ten volume collection of the monograms and crests of Europe’s great families (many of them exquisitely hand painted) that is both captivating and of great historical importance; and then there is also The Elephants of Thomas Goode, not only one of  Mayfair’s most recognised landmarks, but also iconic symbols of the business and valuable museum pieces in their own right.

Thomas Goode & Co. today is an important luxury brand; famous the world over for the heritage and contemporary product ranges on which its reputation has been built, and the veritable treasure trove of luxury tableware on display throughout its showrooms. The Thomas Goode bespoke design offering grows in stature year-on-year, as does its reputation for exquisite Objet d’Art.

Let’s also not forget that whilst Thomas Goode & Co. is synonymous with classic luxury tableware, and still displays within its showrooms many of the exquisite antique designs that it has created over the years, the business has also always held a deep-seated commitment to nurturing the very best of British craftsmanship. The business maintains longstanding relationships with centuries-old potteries in Stoke-on-Trent and in recent years its collaborations with important contemporary artists have served to bring a broader audience to the brand.