Mayfair & the Grosvenor Estate

Mayfair epitomises that smart, fashionable flavour that is so uniquely London, where chic boutiques stand alongside some of the capital’s most prestigious hotels.

The jewel in the crown of the Grosvenor Estate, and long incorporating the estates of Abermarle, Berkeley, Burlington and Curzon, Mayfair has long been synonymous with retail and residential luxury.

Incorporating the estates of Abermarle, Berkeley, Burlington and Curzon, Mayfair is home to the highest concentration of five star hotels in London. This unique enclave is a gathering of many of London’s finest restaurants, most exclusive heritage retailers and, more recently, more and more of the world’s most iconic luxury brands.

From Shepherds Market in the south to Grosvenor Square and the US Embassy to the north, from Hyde Park in the west and eastwards to the luxury retailers of Bond St, Mayfair has grown since its earliest development in 1686 to be the destination of choice for a wealthy and discerning audience that wishes to live in or partake of the very finest things in life; and in the centre of it for almost 150 years has been Thomas Goode & Co., a Mayfair landmark in its opulent showrooms at 19 South Audley Street.

The Duke of Westminster and the Grosvenor Estate that represents the family’s property holdings and the realisation of his vision for the district enjoys an enviable reputation for the sensitive way that he continues to improve the neighbourhood and is, in Grosvenor’s own words, ‘refreshing the buildings and nurturing the public realm’. In just the past few years, South Audley Street and Mount St that adjoins it have been reinvigorated and archetypal English brands such as Thomas Goode of course, and James Purdey & Sons, have been joined by some of the world’s best know fashion houses including Marc Jacobs, Erdem and Bamford, classic and contemporary art galleries including the latest Sadie Coles HQ, and an eclectic mix of London’s most celebrated bars and restaurants including of course George and Harry’s Bar. Today, Mayfair is vibrant and vital, just as it always has been.